Hurdy Gurdy Straps

Your Custom Leather Straps for Hurdy Gurdy

Aren't you TIRED of using guitar straps that don't make your playing confortable?
Maybe you are looking for SOLUTION TO PLAY STANDING UP.
Or you are seeking for a Y HURDY GURDY STRAP

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Hurdy Gurdy Y Straps

This is my strap for playing hurdy gurdy, high quality leather, bronze hardware, HAND MADE in Barcelona to your measure, the model it’s suitable for playing on a sitting position or standing up, to be more confortable please check our shoulder strap accesory

Why to buy a special hurdy gurdy strap?

You can easily adjust the strap to the desired playing angle, hence you can play as comfortably as possible, and improve your technique.


Hurdy Gurdy Belts EXTRAS

Cool stuff for your Hurdy Gurdy Strap

Strap Locks for Hurdy Gurdy

Hurdy Gurdy Strap Locks

Using this tecnology we don't need to change the instrument pins to have straplocks on our Hurdy Gurdy

Hurdy Gurdy Standing up

Play Standing up

Use this accesory to play your Hurdy Gurdy standing up, adjustable in lenght and angle!.

Quick Release Plate Zanfoneando

Quick Release Plate

Just one click to release the strap, order this to fast change instruments on stage or at home!.

Get your Complete model NOW! 120€ + Shipping Order :)

The Best Hurdy Gurdy Strap

Stand up with the Complete Model


This model features:

x1 Standard Y Strap for Hurdy Gurdy
x1 Shoulder Strap Accesory
x1 Quick Release Strap Plate
120€ + Shipping ORDER NOW
Get your Complete model NOW! 120€ + Shipping Order :)

About the creator


Sergio González, the man behind Zanfoneando and
I am a street musician so I used to work lots of hours playing and I needed a solution for comfort, that's why I started to make straps, and now I would love to share them with you, feel free to learn with me on and to use all the resources of this webpage ;)

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